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We have two options: we offer surf lessons in Sayulita at the main beach, as well as at playa la Lancha, which is a more secluded and larger beach about 15 min. from Sayulita toward Punta de Mita. Usually this beach is better for larger groups wanting lessons as the beach is often much less crowded than Sayulita at that time of year.

The group lessons in la Lancha are $85 USD per person. The lesson is 3-3.5 hours, and includes the surfboards, rash guards, your instructors, and the transportation from Sayulita to the beach and back.

The open group lessons in Sayulita are $65 USD per person and include all of the same I mentioned above, minus transportation, as you would just meet us at our surf school in Sayulita and we would walk to the beach from there. They are 2 hour lessons. 

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