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Gaston Baez, founder & owner of Avex Surf School Sayulita, was born and raised in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Being an avid snowboarder and extreme sport lover his whole life, he first founded Avex Surf (then known just as “Avex”) in his hometown in Argentina in 2009, where it was originally known for being a snow-sport company. After traveling and living all over the world (such as Brazil, Ecuador, and Spain) Gaston began to take on the sport of surfing. Gaston has worked at, taught at, and managed many surf schools and companies over the years, but after moving to Sayulita in 2017, his dream was to change the direction of his former company, previously known for its affiliation with snow sports, into his own surf school. That dream became a reality in 2018 when he officially turned “Avex” into Avex Surf School Sayulita, and began teaching and giving lessons, of course meeting other skilled surf instructors along the way who are now a part of the Avex Surf School team.

Avex Surf School Sayulita
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Avex Surf School is made up of a small team of local surf instructors who don’t just “know how to surf”, but are actually trained in & passionate about teaching. Our goal is to be your cheerleader & motivator during your lesson, to provide you positive feedback to enhance and improve your surf skill, and to teach you about the technique & art of surfing as a whole— we do not just simply push your board & teach you how to stand up to catch a wave. Furthermore, Avex Surf School offers a more exclusive, personalized, customized service/surf experience, but at prices comprable and competitive to the other schools in the area. We are dedicated to not only ensuring your surf lesson is a great experience, but that your vacation and time in Sayulita as a whole is the best it can be! For this reason,we have allied with other local business that we support, to offer all of our clients special discounts at local restaurants, cafes, spas, and hotels. We want you to enjoy and love Sayulita as much as we do! Finally, Avex Surf School is an eco, family, & LGBTQ friendly business- we welcome all people of all backgrounds. With our team at Avex, there is no stereotype of what a “surfer” should be, should look like, etc. We are committed to our professionalism and making all our clients feel safe and encouraged during your experience with us.